Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you

I am finishing up getting Dinah ready for the competition. She is pretty good at all the skills, her canter is still unbalanced but there is only so much you can do in 90 days. I am continuing to work on her freestyle pattern and getting everything in place for our trip down south. Monday I moved her to a new pen and she seems very happy there. Yesterday I pulled her mane using a clipper blade and pulling comb at it worked very well! Darby helped me work with her in hand on standing square ( with all four feet under her body and in line so that if you connect them they would make a square - this shows proper balance). We used a dressage whip and softly touched her leg to ask her to move it to a more balanced position. She picked it up very quickly. Darby used her truck and we took Dinah on a trailer ride to continue building her muscles to prepare for the 6 hour ride down to Norco.

I am excited for the competition, this has been an amazing learning experience for me and I am so glad to have has this opportunity.
I have many people to thank for making this possible
Toni Venza - thank you for trailering Dinah from Ridgecrest back to Santa Cruz in one very LONG day. Thank you for all of the equipment you lent me, saddle, pad, longe line etc. Thank you for your continued interest and support
Darby Holden - thank you for helping me through the entire process, with many parts and for being Dinah's farrier
Amanda Apesos - thank you for ALL of Dinah's chiropractic work. It was amazing to watch you work and see the change in the horse. I was also impressed with your immediate ability to see what was going on with the horses behavior and knowledge of how to handle it
Laura Cobarruviaz - thank you for teaching me how to double longe, trailering Dinah, field trip at your house, support crew at the competition, and just being awesome.
Laura Wainwright, Roxanne Raksnys, Sheri Hastings, Lida Renaud, Jules from the barn, Jane from the barn, Judy from the barn, Jean Malloy, and my family - all of you contributed as well to Dinah's journey.

Thank you all so much!!

Please help me spread the word so we can find Dinah a fabulous home. I am going to make a poster and I will email it to those of you who live in southern California. Thanks for all of the support,

Torie and Dinah


  1. I'll put your poster at Woodside Horse Park, on the notice board and several in the tack-selling area of the show. Also at two tack stores nearby. Will you have some ready tomorrow? I can pick up.

  2. By the way, Dinah looks gorgeous!

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