Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dinahs first week

On Friday feb 3, We picked up Dinah Shore from the BLM holding facility in Ridgecrest, California. The trip was quite a journey up and down a few mountain passes, it was an all day adventure. The first horse I was assigned had a terrible club foot (irregular shaped foot) so I asked if I could redraw, I was assigned #4695. a three year old bay mare born in Wyoming and brought to California as a weanling. The wranglers put a halter on her in the shoot and she easily loaded in the trailer. I think it would be fun to work for the BLM, riding horses around and taking care of the wild herds. When we got her back to Moon Valley Ranch she wasn't so sure she wanted to get out of the trailer. After about 15 minutes of trying to convince her to come out, we used the plastic bag method, and it worked. She jumped out of the trailer and immediately walked into her box stall. We made sure she had water and then left her for the night. Over the next few days we used carrots to work on haltering, leading, brushing, and some longing. Dinah is a quick learner and she is very willing for a carrot! After 6 days in the barn we moved her to her bigger pen. She handled her first experience out of the barn like a champ, walking calmly down the shed row and into her new pen. Now that she is in a bigger pen we can really work on the leading and longing. Tonight we put her bridle on and worked on leading and longing from both sides. Tomorrow she will get her hooves trimmed and we are going to wash her tail. I will try to post her progress every day.

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