Monday, February 13, 2012

Dinahs first trim

Today was a very rainy day but we were still able to accomplish a lot with Dinah. We started with her usual grooming, and watched her reaction to the rain on the roof of her shelter. She took the rain in stride, so we decided to go ahead with trimming her feet. Darby brought all of her equipment into Dinah's pen so she could check it out. Then Darby began to trim her feet, and with some carrot motivation, she was very well behaved. Part of having her feet trimmed is putting her hooves up on a hoof jack. It took her a bit to understand she needed to leave her foot on the jack, but once she figured it out she was very good. Darby did a great job improving the shape of her feet and giving her a positive first experience with having her feet done in spite of the rain. After we finished her feet, we groomed her one more time and then left for the morning. We visited her again in the afternoon, and I practiced looping her rope around a wood post to begin learning to tie. I groomed her and again worked on leading from both sides. The pen was really muddy so I didn't work on lunging this afternoon. I put on her bridle and leg boots again and let her eat some hay with her bridle on, which she did with enthusiasm. Tomorrow we go to the round pen!