Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dinah continues to progress and improve each day. Today she took her bridle calmly like she had been doing it for months. After the usual grooming, I took her to the round pen for some more work on longing. She tends to get distracted and want to just canter around me so I worked a lot on transitions today and her listening to my body language. When I step in front of her shoulder I want her to slow down or stop depending on the voice command I give. If I move toward her hind end I want her to move forward or go faster again depending on voice command. It took a bit to get her to focus on me but by the end I had her walking and trotting when I asked her to on the longe line and responding to my body position. Then I took her out for a walk on the property and she was great. She went out behind the property away from the other horses and past a truck, through a gate and wasn't worried at all. Then I took her into one of the other arenas on the property, and she was again, unfazed. In this arena I walked her over a small cavalletti, which she stepped right over. She is handling everything very well and so now it is time to introduce some new skills. Tomorrow should be a big day! Hopefully I will be able to get some video soon. In the first picture she is drinking, she was a very thirsty girl after her workout.

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